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Shine Limited (Shine TV) is a British media production company and part of the Shine Group with offices in London and Manchester. Shine Limited was founded in March 2001 by Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch. The company was 80 percent owned by Elisabeth Murdoch, 15 percent by Lord Alli, and 5 percent by BSkyB, who signed a deal guaranteeing to buy an agreed amount of Shine programming for two years.[1]

Shine Limited is also a supplier of franchise television to broadcasters across the globe including the BBC, Five, Channel 4, HBO and the RTL Group. In 2006 they acquired Kudos Film and Television, Princess Productions and Dragonfly to create the Shine Group, although they still operate as four separate entities.


Got To Dance - A dance reality series premiering on Sky 1 in January 2010. Open to solo and group acts of any age or style of dance with a £100,000 prize. Presented by Davina McCall and with Ashley Banjo, Adam Garcia, and Kimberly Wyatt as judges.

Demons - The plot follows the adventures of London teenager Luke Rutherford who learns that he is the last descendant of the Van Helsing line by the sudden arrival of his American godfather Rupert Galvin. Luke is charged with the role of smiting the gathering dark forces of the world whilst trying to live an ordinary life of exams and parties. Rupert Galvin helps train Luke with the assistance of Mina Harker, a blind concert pianist and authority on half-lives (such as vampires, demons, zombies, and werewolves). Luke's best friend Ruby also joins in on the action.

Gladiators - the return of the athletics game show to Sky One in 2008 (with MGM Television, owners of the franchise).

The Biggest Loser - British reality weight loss show on ITV1 presented by Kate Garraway in 2009 (Daytime Edition) and Davina McCall in 2011 (Primetime Edition).

Masterchef Goes Large - Celebrity Masterchef - a revived version of the classic cookery show, starring Gregg Wallace and John Torode. The latest in the Masterchef format is Masterchef: The Professionals, with judges Gregg Wallace and Michel Roux.

The What in the World? Quiz - A scientific panel game hosted by Marcus Brigstocke for Five.

Battle of the Brains - a team played game show on BBC Two presented by Paddy O'Connell.

Merlin - A fantasy, action adventure series for BBC1.

Hex - UK drama with a supernatural theme. A young girl named Cassie is impregnated with a demon love child. The birth of this unholy child has released the Nephilim, a group of fallen angels whose goal is to seek revenge on God by killing human beings. Cassie needs to find and destroy her own child to restore order. She has assistance in her quest from fellow college student Ella who has mystical powers and a personal grudge against the nephilim.

Sugar Rush - based on the novel by Julie Burchill, Sugar Rush is a late-night drama series broadcast on Channel 4. Set in Brighton, Sugar Rush follows the passions, secrets and the misadventures of adolescence as experienced through the eyes of a 15-year-old schoolgirl (Kim). Kim has a crush on a classmate (Sugar) but knows that coming out as a lesbian is a one-way trip to social Siberia. Kim's life is further complicated by her freak brother, her controlling father and her mother who acts as if she is the one who is 15 years old.

Charles & Camilla: Madly In Love. - documentary broadcast on Sky One tracing the path of Charles and Camilla's relationship - from their first meeting to their marriage on 9 April 2005. Their furtive trysts under the roofs of Britain's grandest stately homes and some of their more publicized tabloid frenzies like the Camilla-gate tapes. Lawyers examine whether the whole thing is a romantic union, or an ill-thought constitutional disaster.

The Unofficial World Records of Sex (UWROS). - x-rated comedy broadcast on Sky One that explores record breaking feats of a biological nature. Examples of events include how many tiddlywinks can be stuffed inside a man's foreskin and how far a woman can shoot darts from her private parts.

100 Greatest Sexy Moments. - 3 hour documentary countdown broadcast on Channel Four that explores the "turn ons" of the average Briton. Viewers vote between television's hottest ever scenes ranging from two girls kissing (Cruel Intentions), Jessica Rabbit in a tight evening dress (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) or an explicit rimming scene between a man and a boy (Queer as Folk).

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